About Us

Powered by Google, EDUcasters connects Students with the Coaches, Instructors, Professors, Subject-Matter Experts, Teachers, Trainers, and Tutors (Educators) they seek through an interactive portal. Utilizing an interactive cloud-based hosting that facilitates professional live and prerecorded video and audio, course publishing and reference documents for immediate learning and development.

EDUcasters interactive classrom portal allows Educators to:

Access to the necessary tools to increase your Student's learning potential across the board. Design activities that addres various levels, stages and styles of learning in order to provide significant experiences for each Student.

Create a collaborative learning environment based on individual needs, whether live, on-demand or one-on-one.

Reach a broader audience with your next class. Generate revenue on your curriculum, time as a tutor, and educational materials.

Join us to pave the road to better EDUcation! Your craft is inestimable and now so is your EARNING potential, so start today. We would love to hear your success story!


Although we created EDUcasters for DIY'ers (Do It Yourselfers) with competitive fees, EDUcasters is available to assist you with the following:

      -   Course Creation - We will help you with the CREATION of your course
      -   Course Cousultation - We will help you by CONSULTING with you on your course
      -   Course Design - We will help you with the DESIGN of your course
   Course Reviewing - We will REVIEW your course and offer suggestions
   Editing - We will EDIT your course and provide corrections
      -   Graphic Design - We will perform any GRAPHIC DESIGN needed for your course
      -   Imagery - We will assist you with IMAGERY for your course
   Photography - We will assist you with PHOTOGRAPHY for your course
      -   Videography - We will assist you with VIDEOGRAPHY, scripting, Set Design and Story Boarding for your course 
   Voice Overs - We will assist you with VOICE OVERS for your course

Should you need any of our services, contact us via email at info@EDUcasters.net with the subject line, "Course Assistance".

Media Relations

EDUcasters media relations handle external media relations and maintains the news and press release website.

For business development or partnership inquiries, please e-mail us at bizdev@EDUcasters.net

For media guidelines, or to subscribe to our press releases, please send an email to media@EDUcasters.net

For media partnerships or interviews, please send an email to media@EDUcasters.net 

Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or general comments you can contact us at 888-338-6115 or via e-mail at info@EDUcasters.net.

For technical support related issues, please send an email with your browser and operating system information (and a screenshot of the problem, if you can) via email to EDUcasters Support Center at support@EDUcasters.net

"Let us think of education as the means of developing out greatest abilities,   
   because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can
 be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation" 

                                                                                                               John F. Kennedy