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  • Inform & train individuals to take on their season...
  • Addressing the benefits and downside to each seaso...
  • Ensure understanding for each season
  • Realize & Embrace life's cycles

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Category: 9th Grade Math

Course Overview


Help heal adolescent & teenage girls’ broken lives through actualizing purpose, inherent gifts and skills.

  • Increase esteem
  • Restore hope
  • Strengthen tenacity to succeed
  • Reconnect to the internal “young lady”


Realization of emotional trauma is essential in addressing behavior change.

  • Provide program to address hurts and fears
  • Teach to use struggles as a stepping stone towards dreams
  • Incorporate activities that instill perseverance and diligence


The aim is to reach female youth from high schools located in underserved communities.

  • Manage, coordinate, guide and direct aspirations
  • Align goals and dreams with special gifts and talents
  • Govern skills in order to contribute to livelihood
  • Embrace character faults
  • Instill strong ethics and integrity


The program is expected to help reduce/improve:

  • High School Drop-Out
  • Teenage Pregnancies
  • Crime and Juvenile Detention Admissions

Leadership Development Program Overview
Understanding Purpose of Leadership Skills
Leadership exercises and activities will help reveal special talents and gifts. Teaching teenage girls to think and dream big will help build a foundation to strive for success and happiness. The participants will be engaged in activities that will help pinpoint their abilities to manage, coordinate, guide and direct their aspirations.

Activating Leadership Skills
Aligning goals and dreams with special innate gifts will be formulated in a model to show how these skills can be unleashed into society. The participants will acknowledge that their skills should be governed to contribute to each respective realm or sphere of influence within their personal lives, school, community, and church etc.

Developing Character and Integrity
Embracing certain character faults will allow participants to face their life’s giants and enable them to overcome them with a continual plan to develop their character traits. Strong ethics and integrity will be noted as the foundation to leading an upright and productive life in society.

Section 1: Seasons In Life

Section 2: Princess In You

Section 3: Created To Lead

Section 4: Facing & Overcoming Your Giants