EDUcasters connects students with the coaches, instructors, professors, subject-matter experts, teachers, trainers, and tutors they seek through an interactive portal. Utilizing a cloud-based hosting facilitates professional live and prerecorded video and audio, course publishing and reference documents for immediate learning and development.

EDUcasters' interactive classrom portal allows subject-matter experts to:

Access to the necessary tools to increase your Student's learning potential across the board. Design activities that addres various levels, stages and styles of learning in order to provide significant experiences for each Student.

Create a collaborative learning environment based on individual needs, whether live, on-demand or one-on-one.

Reach a broader audience with your next class. Generate revenue on your curriculum, time as a tutor, and educational materials.


Join us to pave the road to better EDUcation! Your earning potential has no limits, so start today. We would love to hear your success story!

  • Deliver live communication using Google Hangout and broadcasting features to run your classes online
  • Record your classes in real time and make it available for students to review any time
  • Broadcast your quick review study class before the examination for students for final work out
  • Run your tutorial, record it so that Students who are online can attend

Single Sign On

Every Student and Instructor can have their own personalize Google Email, Google Docs, Blog Site, YouTube, Books and much more. The entire suite can be integrated with EDUcasters so that Students and Instructors will have a single sign on for everything, Emails communication, Chat communication, Broadcast, YouTube Channel and Hangout.

Private Number

To maintain the Instructors privacy our Solution can also assign a personalized dedicated telephone number,

Web Hosting/Cloud Service

Manage all courses; archive them so that they can be used again and again for Students without hosting on your own server. EDUcasters will host your Instructors Website, Content and Files so they can effectively collaborate with Students.

Interactive Calendar

Now all Events and Study Groups for Students are available to be synchronized using Google Calendar to help access from any device (Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet) keeping all reminders current and up to date on each events deadline effectively with different color codes to identify the access.

Integrated with Google

Now you can open access to Google Drive and share Documents, Presentation, Excel, Forms etc. more effectively and easily. Your YouTube Channel can be used for sharing recorded classroom sessions, for effective broadcasting and sharing more educational videos. Teachers can create channels for live broadcast and recorded sessions which Students can view any time.

Courses & Semesters

Now Instructors can create dynamic course content which consists of rich text and pictures, embed content with hyperlinks, images and videos for easy understanding. Create different sections to target different areas like a unique URL, Referal Links, Videos, Documents and Images.

Assignments & Quizzes

Instructors can create assignments and quizzes in preperation for the test automatically with the system and available for the Instructor as a report.

Instructors can set up quizzes and test for each chapters within their courses. Also Instructors can upload the books and notes for easy understanding for students. In addition everything previously mentioned are also available for Students.

Study Group, Interviews & Parental Communication

EDUcasters really makes everything easy. Now Teachers can create the project study group and invite groups of Students. Students can login from home and get connected with each other to productively work on projects which Instructor can monitor at any time.

Parent communication with the Tutor is now online and is much easier. Even if one Parent is travelling the Tutor and other Parent can get connected online to discuss and monitor the Student’s performance. EDUcasters is device friendly and can be viewed on Desktops, Laptops, Smart Phones and Tablets. Tutors can share the review, share documents and explain the progress thoroughly utilizing the online Dashboard.

User Management

You can set up your Portal within a matter of minutes. If you already have a Google account simply synchronize your Google account with EDUcasters.net and login to Google. If you would like to keep your existing Google account seperate simply setup a different Google account.

Application & Integration Management

EDUcasters allows third party integration with thousands of Google Apps that can be connected. There are so many Apps that can be connected with seamless third-party software integration, because our platform uses an open API access and a highly intuitive and configuration interface.

Advanced Analytics

EDUcasters helps you to track statistics on user activities like Assignments, Study Group Logins, Page View Post and Submissions etc. You can also track the historical data for Students for comparative analysis.

Student Login

Students can work on a single system where they access Emails, Docs, Videos, Maps, Scholar Search, Book Assignments, Quizzes, Homework, Study Group, Reports etc. from a single integrated platform.

  • Students can add the Instructor and follow them by Semesters, Assignments, Broadcasting, Events and Tutoring etc.
  • All assignments and submissions are performed online
  • Each Student will get Email and Docs account for easy access of Docs for submission
  • Students can connect to an Instructors Wall, Chat, Hangout and Broadcast online
  • All Videos are available on YouTube can be secured and unlisted and/or set to private to view only specific Students