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Dr. Branch has worked with disadvantaged youth and adults from “at risk” environments all of her professional career. She has taught reading at all levels from reading readiness through junior college. College Bound Ballerz is a part of Man In the Mirror. She has authored and administered several federally funded programs for “in school youth.” Among those were MOMS (Managing Obstacles of Motherhood Successfully) and the Achievers Academy, a program for 14-15 year old females of Aid for Dependent Children recipients. Dr. Branch has also co-authored a reading workbook entitled “Real Life Vocabulary for Adults,” published by Simon & Schuster and “The New Classroom Challenge: BaBa Kids", published by Carlton Press. In 2011, Dr. Branch retired from a rewarding career at Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dr. Elizabeth Branch

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Period: May 1976 - May 1979
University/School: North Texas State University
Qualification: Doctorate

Period: May 1971 - May 1976
University/School: Texas Southern University
Qualification: Masters

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